Pack 4 January / Pinewood Derby Planning Meeting January 3, 2013 (Tonight)

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 3:59pm

Tonight (1/3/13) evening at 7:30 pm we will hold the Pack 4 January (Pinewood Derby) planning meeting. The meeting will be held at All Saints Church (across from Park Middle School) and should last an hour or less.
We’ll discuss:

Pack 4 2013 Pinewood Derby

Who should attend:
- Pinewood Derby Team - The awesome Tiger and Wolf parents who’ll be running the Derby
- All pack and den leaders
- Pack parents who want to learn more

This meeting is for parents and leaders, not really for kids. Sometimes people have to bring kids, but they sit on the side and read, play video games they bring, etc. Anything as long as they are quiet. So, you can bring kids if necessary but it's not for them and we don't have anything for them to do. The monthly planning meetings are the only events/meetings we have where kids aren't the focus.

We need a leader from every den. If the main den leader cannot attend, be sure to send an alternate leader or a parent.